The Rug Story

An essential part of any rooms furnishing is its floor covering. An area rug can completely change the impression of any room.

Aminco Home is committed to the production of exquisite hand crafted rugs in vertically integrated system. All of the rugs are produced with natural fibers exclusively dyed in our own plant In order to assure the most consistent production.


After dying process the sun dried yarn is moved to our warehouse where more than 200 shade of yarn.


The quantity of wool required for weaving a particular rug is then sent to the loom along with the graph for that piece. Each rug is then hand woven inch by inch by numerous artisans trained in the art.


Hand surging and finishing is the last stage in time consuming art of hand woven rugs & carpet.


The feel and the warmth of an Aminco Home piece will make a statement in any kind of room or decoration.


From our looms to your home.